Decor & Habitat

  • Pangea Crocodile Skull

    Pangea Crocodile Skull

    Resin Crocodile Skull Small resin crocodile skull Looks great in a terrarium Easy to clean At least we think it's a crocodile, it might be an alligator. We are gecko people not crocogator experts. Dimensions: 5 x 2.5 x 3.5 in. (L x W x H)

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  • Pangea Dinosaur Skull Cave

    Pangea Dinosaur Skull Cave

    Dinosaur Skull Cave Dope looking dino skull Great for basking or using as a hide Looks great in a terrarium! Easy to clean This large dinosaur skull looks great in a terrarium. It is also very large allowing it to double as a cave rather than...

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  • Pangea Human Skull Cave

    Pangea Human Skull Cave

    Human Skull Cave Realistic Aesthetic! Provides great hide space Looks great in a terrarium Safe and non-toxic resin. Cave shaped like a human skull. Let your geckos crawl on or in it. Adds a fun aesthetic to your terrarium. Has eye holes...

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  • Pangea Large Rock Cave

    Pangea Large Rock Cave

    Large Rock Cave Unique cave design Naturalistic aesthetic! 100% safe and non-toxic resin Durable This rock cave is great for reptiles to climb on top of and/or inside of.  The realistic design makes it a great addition to any...

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  • Pangea Medium Rock Cave

    Pangea Medium Rock Cave

    Medium Rock Cave Naturalistic aesthetic! Provides essential hide space Durable design 100% safe an non-toxic material Durable and heavy cave that will be sure stay put in your terrarium and your reptile climbs on top of and/or inside it...

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